Project Brief

To begin with the Assignment, we were introduced to the ‘Cubbon Park’ and the Cubbon Park Metro station. The objective was to collect the essence of the place and to obtain inspiration. This inspiration was translated into an image- a visual representation of what the park made us feel like, and the atmosphere it resonated in our opinion. This would then develop as a concept to create out final installation for the 'Festival of Stories'.

'Verdure' won the Indifolio 'HexCode2017' competition for Best 'Spatial Design' in the 'Staff Picks' Category ( 


It was also featured on 'Art In Transit' Bangalore's 'Festival of Stories' event at the Cubbon Park Metro station as a student feature in Oct. 2017 ( 

Research & Mind Mapping

The Assignment required to collect the essence of the the famous cubbon park- along with inspiration from the park as well as the metro station where the visual representation of said inspiration would be exhibit through creative media. 

The inital research involved tracking  a pattern on the map of cubbon park sparking an experience that became the foundation of the overall assignment.


Experience in a few words:

Self Sustaining

Huge/ Monumental

And Escape

Calm and Green

Ideation & Iteration

Based on what i thought and felt of the experience, a few ideas for the final project were generated. 

Mostly, I wished to focus on the enormity that I felt of the place- 'huge' and 'monumental'. I wished to highlight the way my pattern detached me from the closeness of the bushes, and seemed to double the size and distance of each tree, person and park's element from one another. 

Following the first batch of ideas and selecting the most suitable ones, I tried to focus on the installation's appearance, as well as the way it would interact with its audience. After thorough mindmapping, the shadow lamp was chosen for further work.

In order for the shadow lamp to reflect shadows in all directions, the length of the lamp itself would have to be reasonably sized (12-15 inches) when compared to the bulb that would be the source of light (they are typically 5-6 inches tall)

This was followed by digital stimulation and prototyping.

Final Prototype
Potential Display Spots

Final Options:

Metro Station Lobby

The Elevator

Glass Lab on the Platform

Light and Shadow experiments were done on each of the 3 chosen spots.

At the metro lobby, the light caused soft, blurry shadows not apt for creating figures.

While the expansive space of the metro lobby was perfect to set up large scale installations, the lighting inconvinences prompted experiments in the more compact glass lab.

Choosing the right place

Following the discovery of shadows being softer in the metro lobby, patterns, forms, materials and positions of the screens were changes and tested repeatedly to accommodate for the spot.

The glass lab, on the other hand, had too large walls to create a projective installation on the outer space. 

Finally, giving into the requirements of paper as material, each screen was manually cut and patterns were customised to a new narrative.

The 3 walls would convey a specific element of the part each, instead of all leafy greens. Various scenes depicted included characters often found in the park- animals, birds, visitors, rivers, bamboo patches, rock hills, etc.