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Project Brief

This UX design task expected to carefully study the Netflix website and app and redesign an experience for the brand. 

The Research process expected to list what was not liked, as well what how it could be made better.  

The primary aim was to see the clarity of thought, process and ability to see the bigger picture for the brand and the service it provides. 

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Research & Mind Mapping

The first phase of research involved a simple information map listing all the essential pages/ screens of the Netflix website and app respectively and the content they displayed.

I further listed the content structure, how the clickable items were segregated and sorted, as well as the dynamic interaction with the viewer.

The study of these components would be essential building blocks in the next steps of research as well as the suggestions that would be made to improve the viewing and browsing experience.

Phase 2

The next step in the research involved listing the 'good' and 'bad' aspects of the studied screens. 

This prompted ideas to further improve the good and/ or resolve the 'bad'. Actions were suggested towards the construction and structuring of the website/ app to improve the overall brand experience for the user. 

The final stage of research was defining customer problems (done simultaneously with the good/ bad map to understand key areas that require improvement.

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Customer Problem Statement
Suggested Solutions
  • The Redesign of ”Downloads’ and ‘My List’ Pages is suggested.

Filters can be added based on genres, languages, ratings, etc.

Sorting options can be added based on release dates, lengths (No of episodes of TV Shows), etc.

Scrollable rows as per home page can be inserted.

  • Collaborative lists between friends can be introduced.

This project is under construction