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Concept Note

The Project 'Princess Parodies' focuses on the contrasting stereotypes and bias expectations associated with female as well as male bodies due to the increasing effect of gender politics in a global context. Modification of fairytales to assert their negatively conditioning implications on little girls and thus, point out why said stereotypes exist.

Trisha believes that gender roles have become a tradition in a similar fashion, creating stereotypes for a culture. It has been drilled into people’s minds, through their childhood, of what an ideal ‘Woman’ or an ideal ‘Man should look, dress, act, behave, play and perform, and live and love like. The roles and expectations of an ideal ‘Woman’ in today’s global stereotypical culture, is what my book focuses upon. Princess Parodies is a collection of posters about the very traditional way conditioning has been attempted to impose upon young women- via fairytales focusing on the ‘damsel-in-distress’ princesses. The influence of said princesses in terms of a woman’s body structure, behavior and mannerisms, nature, role in the society and feminine status, is what a young girl will be expected to retain. Finally, the story focuses upon the questions regarding the same terms, unconditioned sentimentalities should pose upon the society, in order to get a clearer understanding of the stand of gender, sexuality in order to break common stereotypes.

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