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Project Brief

The Project 'So India' explored the norms and prejudices associated with

being modern in a socio-culturally rich country like India. Focusing

primarily on do's and dont's for women, the magazine cover mock-ups

illustrate that a woman can in deed be grounded to her culture and move

ahead with time, at the same time.

It is a made-up concept- a magazine publishing that promotes the traditional Indian culture for a modern Indian Woman, or perhaps, even vice versa. Born out of a re-contextualization exercise, the designed cover pages contain images of women from famous Indian paintings, that once recorded what a traditional Indian woman once stood for, appropriated to show what today's India sees in a 'Lady'. Created by Re-contextualizing work of: Raja Ravi Verma (paintings: 'Kadambari' and 'Shakuntala Patralekhan')

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