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Floating in the Sea
Task Overview

The hotel and resort chain Radisson Blu is launching their resort Pondicherry Bay and seeking design solutions for a number of print based collaterals to accompany the resort's amenity kits.

The collaterals, made by Cryptic Intel, include a series illustrations following a consistent illustrating style, that can be adapted to a number of products including baggage tags, photo frames, gift boxes, cards, penned notes, way finders, menus, coupons and more. 

The chosen illustrative style was inspired by French illustrations and a series of illustrations were visualised by myself for the design team to adapt into collaterals. 

Please note: the collateral renders were made in collaboration with Cryptic Intel's design team and this project is still under construction at Cryptic Intel.

Picture 9.png
Picture 8.png
Picture 7.png
Picture 6.png
Picture 5.png
Picture 4.png
Picture 3.png
Picture 2.png
Picture 1.png
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