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Pitch Overview

The hotel and resort chain Radisson Blu is launching their resort Pondicherry Bay and seeking a launch strategy to create brand awareness and increase engagement about the same.

While the pitch, made by Cryptic Intel includes a digital as well as a creative strategy, as their senior visualiser, it was my task to anchor the art direction for two creative routes, and better explain the overall concepts of each via content and creatives. 

The two concepts were plotted with Senior Content Creator, Dhrouv Poojari- 'Make Shore' to express the luxury, comfort and satisfaction the resort aims to provide, and 'French Boast' to highlight the amalgamation of French and Tamil Cultures Pondicherry is well known to exhibit. 

Creatives per route were categorised across four content buckets- the property (to speak about the resort and its corresponding attributes), the lifestyle (to highlight the comfort and luxury the resort as well as Pondicherry is known for), topical (event- based creatives), and customers. 

Next, it was my task to plot clear art directions towards each concept- keeping in mind the hero of each story was to be the resort. While one route was chosen to be highly photographic and real with a focus on the comfort and luxury of the resort itself, the second route chose a more humorous approach, using french inspired illustrations to bring out the nuances caused by a parity between two extremely different languages and hence, cultures. 

Please note: the creatives were made in collaboration with Cryptic Intel's design team. 


The Campaign Idea:


Insight: These are very uncertain times we, our parents and our grandparents have lived and, nobody has to be reminded.


Idea: At a time when one isn’t sure when the next meal they’ll be allowed to eat outside is, let’s give them a sure thing without insecurities.


Execution: Using statics, GIFs, carousels, videos, thumb stoppers and other media, we depict what Radisson Resort Pondicherry Bay stands for.

A commitment to luxury, comfort, stunning views, impeccable service, and more, planning the next holiday has become so much easier with Pondicherry's new upgrade. This route is about the splendour of Radisson Resort Pondicherry Bay and Pondicherry itself. You now get quality with quality-time, time and again.


Shore as Shell! (OFFLINE LAUNCH):

Drop shells all over the coasts of major tourist spots, including Pondicherry.

You know how they say if you hold your ear to a shell, you can hear the beach? In this case, let’s add a small speaker that is activated on motion that lets you hear about an experience from the beach rather than the boring sound of the beach you’re already at.


In major cities, drop shells at busy intersections, streets, public spaces and the likes. The mechanic stays the same, pushing people to inquire into the shell slightly more.


The shells take shape of gorgeous conches and the likes, as close to real as can be.

Shore to Shore (ONLINE LAUNCH):


Pick the shor‘e’ that surrounds you.

From the noisy shor of city life, to the calm blue shores of Pondicherry. From chaos of traffic, to waves lapping at your feet.

Insight: Times are tough and all anybody wants to do is to seek the feeling of calm luxury, to a utopian getaway, to leave the commotion, the chaos and the city behind.

Idea: Living in cities, the sounds we hear are a lot of noise.We give our target audience experience the shor‘e’ that they are missing.


Execution: Create an AR experience that captures the surrounding sounds of our target audience and converts it into a scale to outline that the noisier their surroundings the more they need a change in shor‘e’. This can be executed via platforms such as Instagram, snapchat and facebook. The scale doesn’t stop there though. Making it hard to max out, the higher you push the scale, the higher the discount you can avail on your booking.



This is everything to do with the actual sight and property. We got a sure cure for those lockdown

blues. The refreshing beach breeze, the healing beach sun, the patient trees on site, the revitalising pool overlooking the sea.


There’s so much to talk about, there’s so much to experience.




We have more in common now despite spending such little time together. The urge to travel is at an all-time high, the want to meet friends is paramount, the yearn for sunshine is real.


Tapping into instances that are relatable rather than sales-y, the idea is to ride on customer emotions to make Radisson Resort Pondicherry Bay slightly more relevant and personal to our audience.



The news, social media and everyday conversations are filled with updates. India, being so rich with culture, has many days that are celebrated.

Given the times, there is so much Radisson Resort Pondicherry Bay can ride on, be it trends or festivals. In order to share these moments with our audience, we dedicate an entire vertical to staying up-to-date and having a unique point of view.


And sure enough, we’ll have something to speak about every day if we wanted to.




Radisson Resort Pondicherry Bay is only as good as its customers believe it is.


Highlighting customer quotes, testimonials, moments, reshares and the likes, this bucket aims to show our audience how much other people like themselves already believe in Radisson Resort Pondicherry Bay.


Why take our word for it? Hear it straight from the people who have found a home here. Let they say for sure why the audience should stay for sure.


We wanted to make a polished campaign but then said effet*.

Because when you have a salle* that’s game for all your shenanigans...

whether you leave the gamin* behind or not, it’s the perfect stay.

We’d never ask you to take a rando* here, know our intentions are pure...

...and, for the love of God, please

Pardon Our French!

The Campaign Idea:


Insight: Sometimes all the words in your dictionary aren’t enough to communicate what’s on your mind.

Idea: Using French words paired with English, tell a Franco-Tamil story by creating a new language that communicates the feeling in ways plain English just can’t.

Execution: Borrowing sites from Pondi treated like French art styles, spanning various formats, the idea is to marry France and Tamil Nadu as well as Pondicherry has managed. The tone of the copy is witty, borrowing words that sound like English words in some instances and re- contextualizing French words in others.


Fonde* Memories (OFFLINE LAUNCH):

The pandemic has cancelled too many plan in the last two years.

While we can’t be responsible for all, we definitely can reduce the impact of some of these disappointments.

Given the French influence in Pondi, why go to France at all? Acknowledging these hard times, we give people a chance to book discounted stay at Radisson to make up for their grounded memories. If any customer of ours flashes a cancelled ticket to France from the last two years, let’s give them a percentage off on their stay. Using cancelled plans, let’s make our launch a place for newer plans.

At Your Merci* (ONLINE LAUNCH):


To get things running, let’s open ALL our channels across social media to bookings.

Given social media is the space for conversation, let’s give our audience a chance to start walking their talk. French is a second language in school to many. Getting them to put their money where their mouths are, we merge something typically Indian with French: bargaining. You can get all the upgrades you need with Radisson Resort Pondicherry Bay at no cost at all. Just convince us while making your booking. Here’s the catch, you got to convince us in French. Good luck! Or should we say, bonne chance!



When you got a space so fine, why move out of it at all?


Our location, our architecture and our heritage ensure a stay you won’t want to leave. This pillar is constructed with the objective to highlight everything about the physical space that is Radisson Resort Pondicherry Bay.




When people relate to experiences they have lived, we should know better than to be too salesy.


This bucket aims to be relatable over anything else.

Tapping into audience interests, beliefs, hardships, desires and the likes, we plug Radisson into the conversation as the answer that nobody knew they needed.



The world proves it’s crazier every day.


If there isn’t a natural disaster, there’s a trend to hop on. If there isn’t a trend to hop on, there’s a season on the way. If the seasons disappoint, there are plenty festivals to speak of.


With so much happening, let’s identify conversations our audiences are a part of and join the chatter.




Without customers, we’re just a structure on some beach off some coast somewhere in Tamilnadu.


Given our customers make us what we are, let’s make our customers an important part of the communication. Why would someone who hasn’t been to Radisson want to try Radisson?


We’ll give them a whole range of reasons based on customer favourites.

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