Project Brief

CRED is a Premium service provider. They call themselves a ‘Club’; and not anyone and everyone has access to it. You gain a seat at their table by having and using a high value Credit card, with a high value credit score.

Create a new performance marketing creative strategy for CRED. Tell us what you would do differently. Design new master templates that can be scaled.This strategy should also include other formats that could be experimented with (gifs, videos, 3D etc. Anything goes).

IPL has recently shaken hands with CRED. 

Build a creative design series/mini-campaign that could be used as a series of adaptive posts for multiple Social Media channels for IPL. Create 2 image/GIF based pillar-posts that could be re-purposed across platforms.

Studying Social Media Strategy

CRED's social media directives were clearly defined in their design brief with rules for copy, social media content, design language, logo treatment and much more. 


While these guidelines helped understand the 'DON'Ts' it was also vital to marginalise the 'DOs'.

An extensive analysis on their social media strategy helped achieve clarity on the kind of approaches CRED uses to create content for, as well as interact audiences of different social media platforms, and how it helps them convey their credibility, as well as achieve their objective.

Analysis and Mind Mapping

The next step in understanding their social media strategy was breaking down their behavioural patterns and considering how it affects their brand value, equity, credibility and image. 

It also gives an overview of their audience type, as well as narrow down the viewer type to their required niche- a.k.a. people who would sincerely consider as well as be able to, avail their services.

The content, copy and creative type also prompts to the tone and style the brand prefers its campaigns and marketing strategies to follow. 

KWL Diagram:
CRED Creative

The stage following that of a deep analysis was that of plotting found data, and interpreting its position on the upcoming design process.

The Know, Wonder and Learned diagram helped me, as the researcher, to properly breakdown my findings, and assemble them together into useful pieces of information. This would provide pointers for ideation and brainstorming of solutions.

Some of the take-away insights include frequently used type case, style and language, social behaviour, engagement patterns and more.

Ideation and Brainstorming

Based on the KWL diagram and its insights, a few ideas for the final project were generated. The process followed a mind map of all the possibilities generated via tone, language, objective and style. 

The next step was comparing the plotted possibilities with CRED's current campaigns and performance marketing strategies. Also, their scalable properties, value addition to the brand, and impact on the audience were also considered.

Finally, the shortlisted ideas were colour coded and sorted for further ideation.


Concept Building

The concept building stage followed a simple value-addition process to each of the chosen ideas from the previous ideation stage in order to eliminate concepts that may not entirely fulfil the objective. The campaign purpose was piled upon with various ideas to scale, add value, increase validity, and garner traction. The campaign that managed to build most concepts were then taken forward for further planning.


Here, two of the best campaigns were shortlisted. These included the 'Did you get it' campaign and the 'insects v/s humans' campaign.

Campaign Planning

Similar to the previous stage, the planning stage involved adding more intricacies to the original concept to mature its overall objective and implementation more. 

The two concepts were elaborately broken down in terms of the various ways they could be implemented as campaigns, and as their possible performance marketing strategies could be. This would also include listing the ways in which they would be presented to the audience, or the kind of following it could target on specific platforms. While deciding their platform, media type and more, the initial CRED analysis was considered. 

IPL X CRED Campaign

As the previous stage cleared the creative possibilities for the campaign and performance marketing strategy, a fresh mind map was created to delve deeper into the workings of the performance marketing strategy.

This mind map would then point out key traits of the proposed strategy that, combined with the chosen campaign would determine the final concept of this project.

Plan Of Action:
Next Steps

The performance marketing campaign was plotted keeping interlinking the main concept with various subconcepts to form a 'concept tree'. The 'specialisation is for insects' campaign would be a series of social media posts (with a possible cue for scaling into other media).

The social media platforms would be mainly youtube and instagram with a storytelling approach. 

The stories will be adapted for performance marketing purposes via illustrations wherein characters with 'problems' would be trying to enter the CRED club to access rewards.

Illustration Mapping

The characters were roughly mapped in terms of their physical and visual characteristics, derived from their roles and suggested personality traits.


Also, by plotting the possible conversations among them, their interactions were recorded for appropriate settings.

Final Concept

The final concept was a parity between the characters, their desired reward as an illustration, and the content that would advertise the offer.


This project is still under construction