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Project Brief

Sprightly is a healthy snacking brand. Their tagline is 'Tasty khao...Healthy Jiyo...!!!' 

The logo of sprightly should represent the health and nutritional values the brand wishes to stand by, as well as exhibit an element of fun. The aim is to make the audience understand that petting healthy habits can be fun too!

Their targeted demographic is younger, 'sprightly' audience groups, who understand the importance of consuming healthier food choices, and can be appealed to purchase sprighly products. 

The brand's new venture involves the production and sale of a variety of healthy, nutritionally designed ready-to-eat snacks that come in 3 varying package sizes. The challenge however is that the brand seeks an innovative solution to a budgeting problem: there was only enough packaging budget to print one kind of packaging in bulk across a range of over 20 products. How would they be distinguished then?

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 Problem Statement

The research for the packaging design of sprightly snacks began with investigating the client's problem statement and dissecting it in a reverse problem diagram to collect ideas.

These ideas would eventually become the first step of ideation for creative solutions that would accommodate a lower budget, higher aesthetic appeal, accuracy of unique as well as consistent information about the brand, the brand value proposition and the products and their unique product features (USPs).

Possible Solutions

The solutions' journey began with rudimentary sketches of proposed ideas in the previous problem dissecting exercise. 

Out of the 5 ideas, 2 options were considered by the brand to be taken forward- option 1 (consistent print + USP tag) and option 4- USP box packaging (multiple consistent printless packets containing individual products). 

While the option 4 seemed to win every comparitive analysis criteria, its higher labour costs prompted to look for a solution combining the 2 ideas' traits or reducting cost blueprint for option4.

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Chosen Template
Templates to Layouts

Following more ideation on the chosen template plan, the template was iterated and re-iterated in various ways to come up with the best layout structure.


Finally, the font and back layout was finalised with one horizontal sticker on the front and one vertical sticker on the left side of the back for information as categorised in each section above.

The following process involved translating the rough layout sketch into a render which was eventually approved as Sprightly products' final packaging and used for packaging options in 3 different sizes.

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Final Packaging Renders

The Final Packaging was designed for 2 varying sizes:

Sprightly 'Big' pack sized 5.10' x 8.25'

Sprightly 'Sleek' pack sized 4.25' x 2.75'

Sprightly's Super Food Bars sized 4.0' x 2.4'