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Concept Note

Healthy Snacking Brand Sprightly is gearing up to launch an exciting line of nutritionally designed 'munches', beginning with a range of slow roasted, naturally flavoured chickpeas. 

The flavours they wish to introduce this product with are the classic 'Salt and Pepper', 'Peri peri' for those who love the spice, and a tangy twist offered with 'Lemon and herbs'. 


The design ask is to plot an interesting story for the product that can weave not only the proposed three flavours, but also extend to whatever new flavours that may be introduced later. 


Therefore, the process of designing dynamic, sustainable and flexible packaging for the 'Slow Roasted Chickpea' product line begins with placing each flavour in an appropriately casted setting- the high seas for salt and pepper, a fiery hot volcano for peri peri and an idyllic garden for lime and herbs.


The flavour names were then altered to better suit their backdrops, as well as to further hint at the kind of emotions they may stir while being 'munched' on. The project then follows a journey of plotting short stories for each flavour; outlining not only the healthy advantages of the product as a whole, but also the elements that distinguish each product from the other. 

Displayed here are the final renditions of Slow Roasted Chickpeas in flavours 'Sea Salt and Pepper', 'Explosive Peri Peri' and 'Sweet Garden Lime'. 

Sea Salt & Pepper.png




Garden Lime.png



Chickpeas Banner story.png


Garden Lime.png


While the design process for Sprightly's Slow Roasted Chickpeas focuses on the story concocted per flavour, it is important to also note that while the primary task involved creating a series of Pet Jar Labels, the packaging was supposed to be dynamic and scalable across different packaging media.

Keeping that in mind, the design kit also proposed samples for Form, Filled and Sealed Pouches, and metal tin cans.

Presently, Sprightly utilises its Pet Jar Labels (as displayed on Left) for its product range and plans to expand into pouches soon.

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