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Project Brief

Sprightly is a healthy snacking brand. Their tagline is 'Tasty khao...Healthy Jiyo...!!!' 

The logo of sprightly should represent the health and nutritional values the brand wishes to stand by, as well as exhibit an element of fun. The aim is to make the audience understand that petting healthy habits can be fun too!

Their targeted demographic is younger, 'sprightly' audience groups, who understand the importance of consuming healthier food choices, and can be appealed to purchase sprighly products. 

While the brand's inital venture involves opening healthy quick snack 'kiosks' in strategic locations and eventually expand into cafe chains, the logo must be dynamic and flexible such that it can be used for multiple kinds of business models promoting healthy eating habits. This may include roasted/ baked ready-to-eat snacks, packaged beverages and more.

My First Board (3).png
Research & Mind Mapping

The logo design process started with the intention of creating a logo and corporate stationary kit for a brand that would potentially work on multiple business models pertaining to the healthy snacking industry.

The research involved strategic mind mapping to figure out what kind of elements would be required to investigate in order to create an appropriate logo.

This was followed by a thorough KWL diagram that helped solidify design decisions about colour palettes, fonts, typefaces, graphics and much more.



Sketching and Ideating

The second step in the design of Sprightly's first logo started with hand drawn investigations in form, structure, font, thickness, orientation and more. 

This was followed by motif drawings. After listing elements that people often relate with 'health and nutrition' and 'snacks' such as apples, trees, fork and spoon, dishes, etc. simple illustrations for each were made for easy audience recognition. 

Finally, the most appropriate font formats and motifs were selected to be clubbed and iterated for interesting visual designs. 

Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 10.02.51 PM.png
Approved Logo
Final Logo Sketch
Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 10.02.51 PM.jpg

The 'cool giraffe' went through various edits as the mascot. He was given goggles, a growing brain resembling a tree and sprightly's tagline entangled in his 'growing brain'

The Need for Evolution

While the first Sprightly logo was approved and used for Sprightly Cafes and kiosks for 1 year, the brand decided to realign itself and enter the ready-to-eat snack market owing to growing expertise in manufacturing processes and food technology.

The requirement the logo now has to satisfy was to be able to feature in Sprightly RTE snacks' advertising, promotional content, webshop, and most importantly; packaging.

However, the brand owners wished for the 'vegan' and 'vegetarian only' USP of the developed snacks to be displayed more effectively.

Thus, the logo was redesigned..

The process of change

As the character was decided, the process of refining the mascot image was a collaborative effort between myself (the designer) and the Sprightly marketing team. 

The inital efforts were made in making the giraffe look 'cool'. Using only the head, however, seemed to take away the aspect of growth. 

Thus, conversations were made to create a 'healthy, growing mind' to represent a greater philosophy. 

This is where the previously discussed element of tree came in. Leaves symbolise an essence of 'blooming' and freshness'. Eventually, the mascot was given a rest and the tree became the primary motif of 'growth'

Logo Process.jpg
Investigating Giraffe as a mascot
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