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Concept Note

Imagery On Glass was one of the classes Trisha attended during her exchange program at MassArt, Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, USA.

Using skills like Decal printing, Screen Printing, Enamel Painting and Pebeo's Mixed Media Cracked colors, Trisha created the Mixed Media Painting she likes to call 'The Lady of Atlantis'.

The Faceless Woman that commands the underwater fantasy kingdom in this painting is Trisha's representation of the kind of person she aspires to be- bold, beautiful and  benevolent- A spirit that can flow with the most indestructible forces of nature. 

The 3'X2' painting done on sheet glass has now been purchased by a young couple, Chirag Bhatt and Heena Bhatt for their young daughter's room- as their ode to the kind of person they want her to be!

IMG_8229 copy.jpg
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