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Charcoal, Indian Ink and Chalk on Paper

Expressions Collection

54" x 24"

The outline of 'trapped' portrays how one’s mental uneasiness and dark thoughts prison them in enclosed mental spaces, wherein the promise of something better is visible, but practically unattainable. The artwork is a metaphorical representation of one’s mind- such that is littered with ‘dark thoughts’ like worthlessness, anger, hatred, insecurity, and a sense of being trapped.

On the side corner is a keyhole that peeps into a wonder-land inspired scenery- one that appears lighter and brighter, and carries promise of better mental stimulation. The key to fit in and open the enclosure, however, is nowhere to be seen, making the content is visible into the hole appear much more faraway than they actually may be. This again highlights a sense of never attaining success- a sense that grows to simple fuel the flame that burns existing hope and traps the individual into its confines even more (go right-to-left in the visual to understand the narrative). And that, is the ‘Feeling of being Trapped’.

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