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Charcoal and multimedia on Paper

Expressions Collection

24" x 60"

August 27, 2016

Simple everyday dark expressions as felt are exaggerated and expressed in a medium that I believed resonated with their effect perfectly- dark charcoal. Primarily inspired by the distorted kind of geometric confusion from the works of Pablo Picasso, Trisha aimed to bring about a sense of distortion and unpleasant restlessness through methods of her own.

During the process of abstraction, the reliance on instincts proved beneficial at some moments, and destructive in some. The destruction, however, only seemed to work in favour of the dark thoughts that were attempted to evoke- the culmination and cultivation of personal hatred, insecurities, worthlessness, and other negative mental imbalances that plague our mental state of mind on a daily basis. This piece portrays how an individual begins to feel insecure of himself, and as the anger, self-loathing, sense of un-belonging and abandonment increases, so does a cry for change and freedom.

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