Hello, I'm Trisha Jital Mehta, a graduate from Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology with a major in Industrial Arts and Design Practices and minors in Business Systems Design and Contemporary Art Practices.

I'm also currently working on a BSc. degree in Business Management and Digital Innovation with University of London in association with London School of Economics and hope to constantly pursue the best areas to hone my skills as a designer.

With a passion for digging my toes in various places, I have explored my skills as an artist and designer to create work involving imagery on glass, fabric manipulation, drawing and painting with mixed media, product and furniture construction and manufacturing and more, with acquired work experience in branding and packaging design. 

Kindly scroll below for my Resume...


Trisha Mehta


  • LinkedIn - Trisha Mehta
  • Instagram- trisham98

Mumbai, India

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